Digital LED large area advertising

We offer central controled solutions for your digital façade and enable you setting new standards for your remote effect. Up to date advertising enables you to plan your campaigns optimally.


LED Full Service Supplier

As a full service provider we accompany your project already at the evaluation of the regional building regulations. Our professionals handle the building application procedure, install professionally and take over the control of the contents for you.


Your individual facade tattoo

A changeable building tattoo as remote effect. By means of sophisticated LED technologie in different pixel pitches we bring your message to every facade. The ideal resolution depends on the size, the viewing angle and distance, as well as the desired message. Maintain the transparency of window facades and do not obstruct the view with conventional solutions.

Contact us with your idea and we will help you to realize it! If required, we will also set up the contact with an advertising agency.

Times vary and advertising messages and key visuals have to be adapted or exchanged. We take over the complete support and offer you a service package tailored to your needs. So you are always up to date and this fully automatic.

The focus of our work is the development of intelligent strategies for your outdoor presence, which are tailored towards your individual needs. Our goal is to design your public appearance in a sustainable way so that you can benefit from it in the long term. Our flexible LED mesh system is not only suitable for your building facade, it is also useable in outdoor signage, for ceiling LED displays in nightclubs or at events.



We advise you individually and accompany you from the project application to the necessary building permits, the installation and of course the subsequent service support of the system.

For installations or modifications of an advertising system you usually need a building permit. Exceptions are regulated in the building regulations of the respective countries or in Germany in the respective federal states. We take care for you about these regulations.




With the innovative technology of the LED mesh display, you are right on trend. Rely on one of the most modern technologies. Minimum changes to your object mean the biggest efficency. Great effects without big construction efforts. Give your building an outfit which can be changed at any time. Come over and check out.

Efficient effects even during the day by sensor-controlled light regulation – you will have an effective advertising facade, a changeable tattoo, 24/7. Energy-saving LEDs display images on the facade.

The advantages of an LED mesh system are obvious – due to the nature of a mesh the system can adapt to flat, curved or unregular surfaces. The natural ventilation of the building is still given.  The installation and also the re installation is easy. The installation can be implemented quickly. It is possible to generate videos, graphics and texts in full colour & high resolution and to change them easily at any time. The different viewing angles as well as the viewing distance determine the pixel spacing, so that an optimal image is created.



With sign&store solutions you have the right partner beside you – professional, reliable, creative, communicative, efficient and sustainable.

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